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Holiday Break and Content Questionnaire

December 27, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

I never really mentioned it per se, so this is largely a reminder that I am taking this week off, so I can do things with friends and family whom I don’t often get to see.

I have been tinkering with the idea of recording my podcasts over the road, so I can put out more content, if anyone here is interested in me trying this out, put a positive comment on the page. I will likely be trying a couple of these to get a feel for the quality I can expect if I do this full time.

Episode 011 – Chrismachannukawanzaa

December 25, 2011 in Podcast by Societus

Happy assorted holidays! This episode is short and sweet, just a brief message to the people of the interwebs, along with a rarely ever publicly heard guitar accoutrement (me=rusty).

Episode 010 – News & Other BS

December 23, 2011 in Explicit, Podcast, Resources by Societus

Explicit content warning!!! I’ve loosened my belt on keeping this episode clean, so consider yourself warned.

Today I cover a bunch of things going on lately, as well as give you a painful glimpse into the world of a tech support guy.

Let me know if you want me to keep doing episodes like this once in a while, its actually quite liberating to not go back and edit myself out when I slip up saying something


Episode 007 – News & Water Damaged Electronics

December 15, 2011 in Health, Infosec, Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Hey guys, not much to go through here, just a few goings on, a continuation of news from yesterday, and a cool little health gadget I found.

As today’s tech tip I respond to a tech support call to give some advice on what to do about gadgets that have been dropped in water.

Society Tomorrow: December 14th 2011

December 14, 2011 in Health, Infosec, Money by Societus

Hey everybody, I’m having some technical difficulties with my audio gear, so instead of recording my podcast for today I’ll simply be writing all of the topics Id planned on including today, this takes quite a bit longer, so the post may go live a bit later than usual. Audio podcasts should be back on Friday morning, so for today and tomorrow there will be these news articles in their place.

Today I am going to be starting off with a Priority Alert for the entire Internet community. There is legislation being run through Congress right now called the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) This bill would effectively censor the internet by redirecting the DNS addresses of any website the government would deem to be “purposely infringing on copyright laws” This bill, however, does not have very much defining language as to what can be considered a violation of any noted copyright laws, meaning that this has the potential to run amok and allow political manipulation of information on the internet as a whole. I recommend that anyone concerned get the application Okawyx as Wikipedia has threatened to block all access to it’s site if SOPA is allowed to pass, which in reality, would affect Congress largely, as even they have admitted in the past that the majority of information they have is from Wikipedia. If SOPA does pass this week, you can expect me to host a special podcast that specifically covers instructions on how to bypass DNS blocking and filtering, which if China knows anything (that is how they censor the internet from it’s people) is extremely easy for someone to bypass with 2 minutes and Google.

       Today’s Money Tip : How to save money on your home phone service. If you do not mind having an internet based telephone service (I always have one PC online, so this is ideal for me) Google has just announced that it will be extending it’s call out service through Google Voice through to 2012. Google Voice, which originally was set up as a internet based voicemail service, included the ability to call telephones in 2010. Google intended to begin charging for the service in 2011, but has decided to keep the service free for the time being. There are even ways for you to trick your Android based mobile phones to use VOIP apps to use Google Voice and avoid burning up precious minutes on low cost packages. For anyone desiring a more traditional phone experience, MagicJack is an affordable service (currently $29.99 a year) that utilizes VOIP technology to secure a low cost home phone service that is easy to use. The original MagicJack ($40) works via a USB connection to a computer with an internet connection, but a new MagicJack Plus ($70) allows you to also connect via ethernet for PC free VOIP. You can use your existing home phones with MagicJack by plugging them into the standard RJ-12 Jack on the other side of the device.

Privacy Update : For all users of Google’s Gmail service, a new security feature called 2-step verification has just been added. Using this new feature, each computer you access your mail through can be allowed to have temporary access, or allowed a 30 day allowed period, between which, you have to verify your identity by entering a text message sent to your mobile phone. The verification system also creates application specific passwords, allowing you to have  a separate password for your iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Kitchen Sink, etc. This is the part of the system I like, because you have the ability to revoke access to your account on a device if it gets lost or stolen.

Health Bulletin : Researchers in University of Manchester have just found several important links to improved health and weight loss from eating a low-to-no carb diet. the findings, say the UK scientists, have shown a nearly 40% increase in general health and wellness, as well as a 9 pound per week loss of weight in overweight and obese subjects, compared to 5 pounds in people on a traditional carb heavy diet on the same exercise regimen. Further study is to begin, as another effect of the low-carb diet has been a reduction and even partial reversal of inflammation based auto-immune diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, and Celiac’s Diseases. I for one wait with baited breath to hear the results of this study, as it could completely reshape the medical knowledge involving Autoimmune Disorders.
That’s all I’ve got for you today, check back tomorrow for information on Carrier IQ, government and corporate spyware, and economics updates

Check us out at Twitter at #SocietyTomorrow or call us on Skype @CallUsTomorrow

Tips & Tricks: Buying Locally

December 13, 2011 in Money by Societus

Hey guys, I’m sure you all know the importance of buying locally to help keep our economy and small businesses running, but a lesser known skill is being able to tell what products are being made here, and more and more Chinese and international manufacturers have stopped putting the country of origin on packaging due to increasing customer avoidance. So today, we are going to cover how to identify the country of origin using the bar codes on every item sold in most stores.

The Universal Product Code is a versatile labeling system that allows cash registers and inventory systems to quickly and easily sort, order, and price items, however they also have the detail of sourcing the Country of Origin, Manufacturer ID, Distributor ID, Series ID, and Product ID, in that order, within the bar code.

The first three digits of a UPC code identify the country of the original source of the product, regardless of who finished or distributed the product. Use this guide to easily sort out the items you want to buy.

00 – 09 ….. USA & CANADA
30 – 37 ….. FRANCE
40 – 44 ….. GERMANY
471 ………..TAIWAN
49 ………… JAPAN
50 ………… UK

Although no mainstream source considers this information in the gradually more globalized economic environment, this is information that should be a right to know for all citizens, to promote local business and especially for our foods, to reduce the distance traveled from farm to fork.
Thanks for dropping by today, and have a great tomorrow.

Episode 006 – Money: Building a Budget

December 13, 2011 in Money by Societus

Episode 006 – Basic Budgeting

Whew! After many months of hiatus and medical issues, I am reviving the podcast! My deepest apologies to anyone who wanted me to put out more media in this time, I plan to make up for it now by coming up with as many topics as possible to get people thinking.

Today is a Money episode, and it came from my recent “shit hit my fan” experience on medical disability, so it is about how to develop a bulletproof budget, and how to set goals so you can be financially prepared for your future regardless of the bones that get thrown in the gears.

Make sure to leave comments and questions, If you would like me to help build a customized budget for you contact me on Skype at “CallUsTomorrow”

Iphone and Android app for the Banker-style budget is in the works, links will be provided when complete

How To VIdeo – $40 Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

Hey everybody, sorry for the long wait in between episodes, but life has to take priority, I only get 6 hours a day to be at home, and balancing that between sleep, research, and production of episodes. I have considered recording while driving during my shift, but the volume of my truck would be too much to keep p with my standards of quality.

This video is from a small project for growing indoor food during the impossible Nevada summer, the small unit here is intended for easy modification and expansion simply by cutting into the pipe and adding additional tees. Later I will also be showing how to build a Deep Water Cultivation bucket that compares to commercial units. I feel it would be better to get the information out than to spend the 10-12 hours per episode making video segues and effects to make it into a longer, tv-style show, but if anyone wants to donate some time and experience making these cut-ins, please email me at


Episode 005 – Current Events and Rants of an Infomaniac

May 2, 2011 in Podcast by Societus

Episode 005 – News_Rants

Due to difficulty in finding correct parts for  a video project to hit the site soon, Ive opted to throw my opinions out on some of the things happening today



Episode 004 – Building A Better Box: Tips & Principles with an example custom PC build

April 29, 2011 in Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Episode 004 – A Better Box

Tin Foil Hat Alert! In the beginning of this episode I had to vent a little bit about some news of the Annointed One, so you may want to skip ahead to about 3 minutes if you are Democratic, or otherwise offended by critical opinion based on logic and working experience.

Today’s episode was based on a Facebook poll of several topics, I originally wanted to wait to release this in video format and do a live build as demonstration. I will probably still do that, but I will wait a while now. Here, as promised, I will include two parts lists for optimised design custom PCs

Build 1 – “Hey, I could almost afford that gaming PC!” $1672.39

Build 2 (Featured) “GEE ZUS!!! $3,943.78


Episode 003 – Information as a Prep – Securing Knowledge and Hardened Privacy Techniques

April 26, 2011 in Infosec, Podcast, Resources by Societus

Episode 003 – Infoprep


Hello again everybody, today’s episode is all about information as a critical resource. Having usable information in an easily digestible format can be indispensable in a homesteading or end of society scenario. Also, we do a walkthrough of all the steps to consider when setting up a new computer to be used in accessing the web privately and without tracks. Below are links to the resources mentioned during the show

Random info searching services

E-Book Readers

Software mentioned on the show

Episode 002 – In Plain English: Boiled Down Economics

April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

Episode 002 – Economics

Hey folks, today’s podcast is designed to just give a basic explanation of the mechanics that drive our economy, and a few guidelines on developing an investment strategy for protecting your finances from a devaluing currency.

This is a good point for me to remind you that I am getting together some materials for doing Video Q&A episodes where you the listeners get together and ask me questions you would like to see featured here on the podcast. My specialties involve computers, electrical engineering, aquaponics, home automation, and gunsmithing (specialized in revolvers and lever-action rifles, but good with general topics as well)

Q&A Requests can be sent via

  • Skype at CallUsTomorrow
  • Twitter at #SocietyTomorrow
  • Facebook at Society-Tomorrow

Episode 001 – Introduction to the Society Tomorrow Podcast

April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

Episode 001 – Introduction

This is our first release of the Society Tomorrow podcast, and while it still isn’t as fancy as I would like it to be, this is the beginning of a long and worthwhile path. In this episode we cover the basics of the topics that will be brought up in future episodes, and the purpose of Society Tomorrow. If this is your first dive into lifestyle planning or urban preparedness stick around and get ready for an enlightening ride.

If you have questions/comments, I would love to hear them, especially what YOU want to hear about from ME!

Coming soon on the next episode of the Society Tomorrow Podcast…. “Boiled-down Economics – The ties that bind and how to understand the undying energy of currency”

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