Episode 008 – Old Gold: Used Computer Shopping Guide

December 20, 2011 in Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Hey guys, today I’m going to tackle the single most common question I get from people on my tech support lines. “I found this old PC on eCraigsPawnSwapMeet, is it any good?” So sit back and take in the basics of deciding if the $150 laptop you’re looking at is still worth buying, or if you are trapped in obsolescence.

References today are

Tips & Tricks: Buying Locally

December 13, 2011 in Money by Societus

Hey guys, I’m sure you all know the importance of buying locally to help keep our economy and small businesses running, but a lesser known skill is being able to tell what products are being made here, and more and more Chinese and international manufacturers have stopped putting the country of origin on packaging due to increasing customer avoidance. So today, we are going to cover how to identify the country of origin using the bar codes on every item sold in most stores.

The Universal Product Code is a versatile labeling system that allows cash registers and inventory systems to quickly and easily sort, order, and price items, however they also have the detail of sourcing the Country of Origin, Manufacturer ID, Distributor ID, Series ID, and Product ID, in that order, within the bar code.

The first three digits of a UPC code identify the country of the original source of the product, regardless of who finished or distributed the product. Use this guide to easily sort out the items you want to buy.

00 – 09 ….. USA & CANADA
30 – 37 ….. FRANCE
40 – 44 ….. GERMANY
471 ………..TAIWAN
49 ………… JAPAN
50 ………… UK

Although no mainstream source considers this information in the gradually more globalized economic environment, this is information that should be a right to know for all citizens, to promote local business and especially for our foods, to reduce the distance traveled from farm to fork.
Thanks for dropping by today, and have a great tomorrow.

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