Episode 004 – Building A Better Box: Tips & Principles with an example custom PC build

April 29, 2011 in Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Episode 004 – A Better Box

Tin Foil Hat Alert! In the beginning of this episode I had to vent a little bit about some news of the Annointed One, so you may want to skip ahead to about 3 minutes if you are Democratic, or otherwise offended by critical opinion based on logic and working experience.

Today’s episode was based on a Facebook poll of several topics, I originally wanted to wait to release this in video format and do a live build as demonstration. I will probably still do that, but I will wait a while now. Here, as promised, I will include two parts lists for optimised design custom PCs

Build 1 – “Hey, I could almost afford that gaming PC!” $1672.39

Build 2 (Featured) “GEE ZUS!!! $3,943.78


Episode 003 – Information as a Prep – Securing Knowledge and Hardened Privacy Techniques

April 26, 2011 in Infosec, Podcast, Resources by Societus

Episode 003 – Infoprep


Hello again everybody, today’s episode is all about information as a critical resource. Having usable information in an easily digestible format can be indispensable in a homesteading or end of society scenario. Also, we do a walkthrough of all the steps to consider when setting up a new computer to be used in accessing the web privately and without tracks. Below are links to the resources mentioned during the show

Random info searching services

E-Book Readers

Software mentioned on the show

Episode 002 – In Plain English: Boiled Down Economics

April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

Episode 002 – Economics

Hey folks, today’s podcast is designed to just give a basic explanation of the mechanics that drive our economy, and a few guidelines on developing an investment strategy for protecting your finances from a devaluing currency.

This is a good point for me to remind you that I am getting together some materials for doing Video Q&A episodes where you the listeners get together and ask me questions you would like to see featured here on the podcast. My specialties involve computers, electrical engineering, aquaponics, home automation, and gunsmithing (specialized in revolvers and lever-action rifles, but good with general topics as well)

Q&A Requests can be sent via

  • Skype at CallUsTomorrow
  • Twitter at #SocietyTomorrow
  • Facebook at Society-Tomorrow

Episode 001 – Introduction to the Society Tomorrow Podcast

April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

Episode 001 – Introduction

This is our first release of the Society Tomorrow podcast, and while it still isn’t as fancy as I would like it to be, this is the beginning of a long and worthwhile path. In this episode we cover the basics of the topics that will be brought up in future episodes, and the purpose of Society Tomorrow. If this is your first dive into lifestyle planning or urban preparedness stick around and get ready for an enlightening ride.

If you have questions/comments, I would love to hear them, especially what YOU want to hear about from ME!

Coming soon on the next episode of the Society Tomorrow Podcast…. “Boiled-down Economics – The ties that bind and how to understand the undying energy of currency”

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