Episode 012 – Hypermiling

January 2, 2012 in Money, Podcast, Resources, Transportation by Societus

Happy new year and welcome back for a new year of amazing stuff!

Today I’m talking about Hyper-miling, which for those not in the know, is the skill people have been refining to improve their fuel economy through maintenance, performance parts, and driving style changes. Practice it and you will notice a difference! I’ve gone from 13MPG up to 21!!

Episode 010 – News & Other BS

December 23, 2011 in Explicit, Podcast, Resources by Societus

Explicit content warning!!! I’ve loosened my belt on keeping this episode clean, so consider yourself warned.

Today I cover a bunch of things going on lately, as well as give you a painful glimpse into the world of a tech support guy.

Let me know if you want me to keep doing episodes like this once in a while, its actually quite liberating to not go back and edit myself out when I slip up saying something

Episode 003 – Information as a Prep – Securing Knowledge and Hardened Privacy Techniques

April 26, 2011 in Infosec, Podcast, Resources by Societus

Episode 003 – Infoprep


Hello again everybody, today’s episode is all about information as a critical resource. Having usable information in an easily digestible format can be indispensable in a homesteading or end of society scenario. Also, we do a walkthrough of all the steps to consider when setting up a new computer to be used in accessing the web privately and without tracks. Below are links to the resources mentioned during the show

Random info searching services

E-Book Readers

Software mentioned on the show

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