Episode 008 – Old Gold: Used Computer Shopping Guide

December 20, 2011 in Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Hey guys, today I’m going to tackle the single most common question I get from people on my tech support lines. “I found this old PC on eCraigsPawnSwapMeet, is it any good?” So sit back and take in the basics of deciding if the $150 laptop you’re looking at is still worth buying, or if you are trapped in obsolescence.

References today are

Episode 007 – News & Water Damaged Electronics

December 15, 2011 in Health, Infosec, Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Hey guys, not much to go through here, just a few goings on, a continuation of news from yesterday, and a cool little health gadget I found.

As today’s tech tip I respond to a tech support call to give some advice on what to do about gadgets that have been dropped in water.

Episode 004 – Building A Better Box: Tips & Principles with an example custom PC build

April 29, 2011 in Personal Computers, Podcast by Societus

Episode 004 – A Better Box

Tin Foil Hat Alert! In the beginning of this episode I had to vent a little bit about some news of the Annointed One, so you may want to skip ahead to about 3 minutes if you are Democratic, or otherwise offended by critical opinion based on logic and working experience.

Today’s episode was based on a Facebook poll of several topics, I originally wanted to wait to release this in video format and do a live build as demonstration. I will probably still do that, but I will wait a while now. Here, as promised, I will include two parts lists for optimised design custom PCs

Build 1 – “Hey, I could almost afford that gaming PC!” $1672.39

Build 2 (Featured) “GEE ZUS!!! $3,943.78


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