Society Tomorrow: December 14th 2011

December 14, 2011 in Health, Infosec, Money by Societus

Hey everybody, I’m having some technical difficulties with my audio gear, so instead of recording my podcast for today I’ll simply be writing all of the topics Id planned on including today, this takes quite a bit longer, so the post may go live a bit later than usual. Audio podcasts should be back on Friday morning, so for today and tomorrow there will be these news articles in their place.

Today I am going to be starting off with a Priority Alert for the entire Internet community. There is legislation being run through Congress right now called the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) This bill would effectively censor the internet by redirecting the DNS addresses of any website the government would deem to be “purposely infringing on copyright laws” This bill, however, does not have very much defining language as to what can be considered a violation of any noted copyright laws, meaning that this has the potential to run amok and allow political manipulation of information on the internet as a whole. I recommend that anyone concerned get the application Okawyx as Wikipedia has threatened to block all access to it’s site if SOPA is allowed to pass, which in reality, would affect Congress largely, as even they have admitted in the past that the majority of information they have is from Wikipedia. If SOPA does pass this week, you can expect me to host a special podcast that specifically covers instructions on how to bypass DNS blocking and filtering, which if China knows anything (that is how they censor the internet from it’s people) is extremely easy for someone to bypass with 2 minutes and Google.

       Today’s Money Tip : How to save money on your home phone service. If you do not mind having an internet based telephone service (I always have one PC online, so this is ideal for me) Google has just announced that it will be extending it’s call out service through Google Voice through to 2012. Google Voice, which originally was set up as a internet based voicemail service, included the ability to call telephones in 2010. Google intended to begin charging for the service in 2011, but has decided to keep the service free for the time being. There are even ways for you to trick your Android based mobile phones to use VOIP apps to use Google Voice and avoid burning up precious minutes on low cost packages. For anyone desiring a more traditional phone experience, MagicJack is an affordable service (currently $29.99 a year) that utilizes VOIP technology to secure a low cost home phone service that is easy to use. The original MagicJack ($40) works via a USB connection to a computer with an internet connection, but a new MagicJack Plus ($70) allows you to also connect via ethernet for PC free VOIP. You can use your existing home phones with MagicJack by plugging them into the standard RJ-12 Jack on the other side of the device.

Privacy Update : For all users of Google’s Gmail service, a new security feature called 2-step verification has just been added. Using this new feature, each computer you access your mail through can be allowed to have temporary access, or allowed a 30 day allowed period, between which, you have to verify your identity by entering a text message sent to your mobile phone. The verification system also creates application specific passwords, allowing you to have  a separate password for your iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Kitchen Sink, etc. This is the part of the system I like, because you have the ability to revoke access to your account on a device if it gets lost or stolen.

Health Bulletin : Researchers in University of Manchester have just found several important links to improved health and weight loss from eating a low-to-no carb diet. the findings, say the UK scientists, have shown a nearly 40% increase in general health and wellness, as well as a 9 pound per week loss of weight in overweight and obese subjects, compared to 5 pounds in people on a traditional carb heavy diet on the same exercise regimen. Further study is to begin, as another effect of the low-carb diet has been a reduction and even partial reversal of inflammation based auto-immune diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, and Celiac’s Diseases. I for one wait with baited breath to hear the results of this study, as it could completely reshape the medical knowledge involving Autoimmune Disorders.
That’s all I’ve got for you today, check back tomorrow for information on Carrier IQ, government and corporate spyware, and economics updates

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