Episode 006 – Money: Building a Budget

December 13, 2011 in Money by Societus

Episode 006 – Basic Budgeting

Whew! After many months of hiatus and medical issues, I am reviving the podcast! My deepest apologies to anyone who wanted me to put out more media in this time, I plan to make up for it now by coming up with as many topics as possible to get people thinking.

Today is a Money episode, and it came from my recent “shit hit my fan” experience on medical disability, so it is about how to develop a bulletproof budget, and how to set goals so you can be financially prepared for your future regardless of the bones that get thrown in the gears.

Make sure to leave comments and questions, If you would like me to help build a customized budget for you contact me on Skype at “CallUsTomorrow”

Iphone and Android app for the Banker-style budget is in the works, links will be provided when complete