How To VIdeo – $40 Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized by Societus

Hey everybody, sorry for the long wait in between episodes, but life has to take priority, I only get 6 hours a day to be at home, and balancing that between sleep, research, and production of episodes. I have considered recording while driving during my shift, but the volume of my truck would be too much to keep p with my standards of quality.

This video is from a small project for growing indoor food during the impossible Nevada summer, the small unit here is intended for easy modification and expansion simply by cutting into the pipe and adding additional tees. Later I will also be showing how to build a Deep Water Cultivation bucket that compares to commercial units. I feel it would be better to get the information out than to spend the 10-12 hours per episode making video segues and effects to make it into a longer, tv-style show, but if anyone wants to donate some time and experience making these cut-ins, please email me at